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Disney Questionnaire!

I saw this and wanted to answer them for myself:
1. Favorite Disney movie? Robin Hood
2. Favorite Disney song? Love Is A Song
3. Have I been to the Disney parks before? Only Disneyland (well and California Adventure)
4. Favorite prince? Eric
5. Favorite park ride to be on after-dark? Big Thunder
6. Mickey premium ice-cream bars or churros? Ice-cream bars
7. Favorite land in the parks? Fantasyland (before it gets crazy packed)
8. Favorite sidekick in a Disney film? Gurgi
9. If I could be in a live-action version of any Disney film, which one would it be and who would I play(regardless of things like appearance/singing ability)? Aurora
10. Favorite character to interact with in the parks? Chip and Dale (they're hilarious)
11. Do I collect Disney pins? Not really
12. What park ride do I have a love/hate relationship with? Splash Mt. I love it until I get to the big climb and I can hear/see the vultures and then I remember that I hate drops but it turns out ok every time and there's a great song at the end
13. Favorite Disney love-song? Love is a Song
14.Favorite non-animated Disney movie? Blackbeard's Ghost or either of The Parent Trap(s)
15. Do I own any Mickey ears? If so, what kind? nope, sadly I don't
16. A park ride I've never been on? I've been on every D-land ones but not all the California Adventure ones (i don't know the names of the ones i haven't done)
17. Favorite Phil Collins Disney song?(Legitimate question!) Son of Man
18. Favorite Disney movie sequel? The Little Mermaid 2 (i loved melody/tip/dash)
19. Favorite Disney renaissance movie? The Little Mermaid
20. Favorite Disney/Pixar movie? Monster's Inc
21. Favorite in-park restaurant? I loved going to Geppeto's when I was little and getting the little corn puppies but disneyland doesn't do them anymore.
22. Have I ever stayed in a Disney hotel? Yep
23. Favorite in-park snack? Dole whip float (i also love their drinkable frozen lemonade)
24. Favorite Winnie the Pooh character? Good old pooh bear himself
25. Favorite classic character(Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc.,)? Goofy